What is LiqiDT?

The existing private debt market was designed by bankers and lawyers, using existing legal and technological structures that have shown themselves to be limited.  The result is a market with high barriers to entry and only accessible to those with the deepest pockets. LiqiDT is a regulated tokenised capital market ecosystem acting as a utility, helping banks, institutions, borrowers and investors increase returns through breaking down these barriers and increasing participation. 

Through LiqiDT’s digital approach, banks and institutions can write new lending as a sponsor, without the need to fund it in its entirety, as well as selling existing loans in part or whole.  Our approach delivers the best prices through aggregating the offers from those that value the opportunities the most, not those with the deepest pockets.  As a result, balance sheet management is greatly enhanced, turning long-term commitments into shorter-term positions thanks to our retailisation of debt.  Banks and intermediaries can structure new opportunities to serve existing and new clients, including arbitrage trading, locking in higher-yields while boosting the liquidity of sold products.  The ability to move debt on in whole or in part in a regulated market is supported with independent credit rating and management of the underlying tokenised securities.